Day: December 19, 2019

There are about seven continents in this world with about more than one hundred and ninety five countries. Even though each country differ from one another on the basis of their customs, culture and traditions but one thing which is common in all countries is the certain rules and laws. According to these laws, each citizen has some basic rights which a government has to provide and some duties which a person has to fulfil. One such duty of every citizen of the country is to provide government with the set amount of tax which he has to give based on the person’s income, profit and assets. There are accountants who keep a record of such tax returns; these accountants are known as tax accountants. In this article, we will be discussing about the function of small business tax accountant in Melbourne. 


Tax is the particular amount of money that has been levied by the government on each citizen of the country which he has to pay depending upon his monthly income, yearly profit and the assets those he posses. Each company, each firm, each individual has to pay these taxes as only then will he be able to get his rights from the government. It is very important to keep a record of the tax which your provide to the government so that you would be able to prove that in coming years when the government questions you. These records of the tax are carried out by the accountant known as tax accountant. 


Accountant is the person whose job is to take the full responsibility of analysing, checking and keeping an order in the accounting department of the company or firm. These responsibilities may vary from analysing the monthly income to financial transactions and from yearly profit to the losses that had taken place in the finance department. Similarly, one such kind of an accountant is known as tax accountant 

Functions of small business tax accountant: 

Even though the main function of tax accountant in South Melbourne is same for both; small business tax accounting and larger business tax accounting but there are some variations between the two. Small business tax accountant is the one who has to solely record the tax payed by the company to the government as he does not have other companions like any bigger firm. Moreover, a small business tax accountant helps the company in a way that the lesser amount of tax has to be payed while following all of the legal procedures at the same time. 


Small business tax accountant is the person who not only keeps the proper record of the taxes that have been payed by the company but also advises the company about the ways through which company would have to pay lesser amount of tax while following all of the legal terms at the same time. A small business tax accountant has to perform all of the functions solely. “Marin accountants” offers the best services of small business tax accountants. tax-accountant